Core Values

Vision: We believe that each student should be actively involved in defining specific, attainable goals for his or her own future.  Such goals may tackle educational attainment, vocational training, military involvement, or other future aspirations.  In all cases, we believe that concrete steps are necessary for students to translate these visions into actions.

Confidence: We believe in providing students with an environment that constantly fosters self-awareness and self-esteem.  These positive feelings will in turn reinforce personal motivation and encourage success.  We believe that students will set and actively pursue personal goals if they believe that they are capable of achieving them.

Mentorship: We believe that community is an indispensable component of personal growth and that all students need a supportive environment that nurtures their gifts and goals. Involving students in dedicated and uplifting relationships built on trust, inclusion, and mutual respect helps to create sustainable personal change by providing a comprehensive network of resources and role models.

Preparedness: We believe that it is crucial for all students to understand and internalize the connections between immediate courses of action and the achievement of long-term goals.  We wish for students to recognize that the demands of daily work ultimately provide the skills and experiences necessary for them to flourish in whatever future roles they hope to fill.


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